Diabetic Nephropathy Model

Diabetic Nephropathy (DN)

DN is a progressive kidney disease caused by longstanding Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and it is one of the most common DM complications. Furthermore, it is a prime reason for dialysis in many developed countries.
Although DN is a well-understood pathology, the currently available treatments can only slow down the progression of this disease: therefore, novel drug candidates are needed, especially in order to revert the symptoms of DN.

In our AF, obese-diabetic db/db mice are being used as a suitable and reproducible genetic model of DN, in order to develop novel therapeutic strategies for this pathology



Age –related enlargement of the renal corpuscles and mesangial matrix apposition (PAS stained slides – a, b), associated with  a decrease in WT-1 positive podocytes (WT-1 IHC – c, d) in db/db male mice.