About Biogem Service

Our Mission

Biogem Service’s research activities include both Client oriented Research Platforms, centered on Drug Discovery and Preclinical Studies, and Proprietary Research Platforms, aimed at developing novel therapeutics and diagnostic tools.

We approach each project uniquely as a collaborative research effort, hosting frequent discussions with our Sponsors to determine ultimate study objectives, adapt to new information as it is generated and provide insight wherever possible.


Our services

•In vivo studies in animal models covering various therapeutic areas (oncology, diabetes, arthritis, ocular pathologies, etc.): drug testing and data elaboration for preparation of IND/IMPD; exploratory PK/PD; generation and characterization of genetically modified models.

•Customized analyses of drug metabolism, toxicology, histopathology, pharmaceutical preclinical development of new compounds, chromatographic analyses and mass spectrometry.

Production of Recombinant Protein and Antibodies, identification and validation of novel biomarkers, and set up of diagnostic kits.

Evaluation of gene function, gene expression and DNA alterations by NGS, microarrays and avant-garde Knock-Out/Knock-Down and Knock-In tools; all activities are supported by our Bioinformatics Core.


Biogem Service activities are performed according to our internal Quality Assurance System and Standard Operating Procedures as dictated by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. In addition, the Preclinical Test Facility, which is part of MIR, is waiting for GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Certification by the Italian Ministry of Health. The high quality standards applied ensure an higher success rates.


Labs & Personnel

Labs Space: 3500m2.

People: 35 Researchers, 10 Technicians, 3 Administratives, 3 Technical support.